Work Weekends


 W  O  R  K    W  E  E  K  E  N  D  S

For many years, Bobriwka survived only through the donated time and efforts of a select few individuals.  

Today, Bobriwka thrives because of the continuing support of Shareholders, a growing group of Associate Members and many generous friends.  

Several weekends every season, we gather to pool our resources towards the next project.  

Mowing, painting, clearing brush, equipment maintenance, snow removal, trail upkeep, the list goes on...

With 340 acres, 6 miles of trails, and 9 buildings/structures, there is never a shortage of things to do.  

Check out the Bobriwka Calendar for the Work Weekend Schedule.  If you are free, consider joining us to help preserve Bobriwka's natural and historic beauty, or help us to develop new amenities.  We might work hard while the sun is up, but we also know how to relax hard into the evenings!

Don't be a Bieber Beaver and come help out!  

Please email with any questions