A Brief History

Bobriwka Inc. was established in 1955 to "Promote and Educate Ukrainian-American Culture, Scouting, Camping and Recreation".

It is a private campground facility comprised of approximately 340 acres. Roughly 120 acres, including the Main Campus, are located in the rural Northwest Connecticut town of Colebrook.  The adjoining 220 acres cross the border into Sandisfield, Massachusetts. The purchase of Bobriwka was initiated by a group of Ukrainian investors in the early 1950’s for the purpose of creating a Ukrainian campground. 

Since the 1950’s, the quiet beauty of Bobriwka has been enjoyed by a variety of groups, most notably, the Ukrainian Scouting Organization ‘Plast’.  Hundreds of youth spent their summers here, roughing it in tents and learning about their Ukrainian heritage.  Evidence of their summers can be seen in the mess hall, or ‘Kooxnya’, where decades of camp memorabilia adorn the walls. 

There are two substantial bodies of water located on Bobriwka land.  One is the ‘Amazonka’, the result of an ancient beaver dam that helped name the camp.  The Ukrainian name Bobriwka translates to ‘Land of Beaver’.  The other body of water is a man-made swimming hole or ‘Ozero’, constructed in the 1960’s and still used for water recreation. 

Bobriwka also offers over 6 miles of trails for hiking, bird watching, snow shoeing, and mountain biking past the Covered Bridge, the Chapel in the Woods, Overlook Point and the Wishing Well.  Bobriwka’s predominantly evergreen forest is home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, martin, turkey, bear, porcupine, and a variety of birds and amphibians.  

The current Board of Directors is working hard to continue providing the best camping and outdoor experience possible, by and for its Members. 


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