Wildlife at Bobriwka

Bobriwka is home to an abundance of native plants and animals.  From the soaring pines to the sprawling wetlands and every level between, a watchful hiker can spot dozens of native species!


The Air:

    - Red Tail Hawks and other birds of prey can be seen soaring high above Bobriwka's open fields and bodies of water scanning for their next meal

    - Blue Heron and Egret utilize the Amazonka as a seasonal nesting ground using the isolated tree trunks surrounded by water as natural protection for their young

    - A variety of chickadees and sparrows twitter away their days noisily flitting from branch to branch in Bobriwka's pine woods

    - At night you can hear a variety of owls calling eerily through the dark woods.  And if you are quick, you might spot some bats zipping mosquitoes out of the air around you

The Water:

    - The water ways of Bobriwka are flowing with fish!  From slim native brook trout in the trickling streams, to full-belly Amazonka pickerel swallowing everything that moves past, to the small schools of sunfish and bass patrolling the banks waiting for a clumsy grasshopper to stumble in

    - Every year turtles return to the shore of the Ozero to deposit clutches of eggs on the same shore where they hatched years before

    - Amphibians abound at Bobriwka!  Frogs and salamanders can be found under almost every leaf.  Look for the Eastern Newt next time you hike through, you cant miss the bright orange skin

    - Beavers, beavers, beavers!  The multi-generational beaver colonies inhabiting the Amazonka are where Bobriwka gets its name (Boh-berr means beaver in Ukrainian)

The Land:

    - If you know where to look, you will find that the forests are full of deer and turkey.  Bobriwka's vast acreage leaves plenty of quiet hiding places

    - Be careful!  You don't want to get too close to one of Bobriwka's prickliest inhabitants, the porcupine.  Though they usually steer clear of people, they are attracted to fruits and salty foods

    - The usual Northeast mammals (like: raccoon, possum, skunks, fishers and foxes) can also be seen at night sniffing the grass for grubs and other delicacies

    - Bears, oh my!  Bears are becoming a fixture at Bobriwka and precautions should be taken when camping here.  All food should be stored in the car and all trash should go into the lockable dumpster before dark